Friday, March 20, 2015


Out now at the Circus Gacha: Swords & Steeds from Violetility. The horses have custom poses from Lottie of Koala Kisses and the swords and horses are 100% original mesh from me and my partner at Violetility! Uncommon and Rare probability is set high, so it won't be hard to get what you want!

Get ready for fighting or befriending dragons by getting your foam sword ready and your own noble steed at the Circus:

Also new from Violetility is the Chubbicorn Outfit!

On Marketplace:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Sidewalk Gacha

Sidewalk Gacha opens tonight! Come see!

Don't forget, Neverland Events: Once Upon a Time Gacha also opens the 15th!


The Kid Zone is having a St. Patrick's Day hunt and Spring Gacha event, as well! Pictures and details coming soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Violetility's First Skins

Violetility has released new skins in-world and on Marketplace! The demo includes all four skin tones with head demos only. Each skin includes two appliers, one plain and one dimpled, and work on both TD bodies and Cute Bytes mesh heads. The appliers are, of course, compatible with all items that Cute Bytes HUDs work on, including TweeneeDoo, C.K. Toddlers, Yabusaka Babies, and WowMeh's Dolly. Omega HUDs now have a little something out to make TD appliers compatible with their avatars, as well!


Coming Soon to Events!

Coming March 15th to Sidewalk at NextGen! Animal dress up ears and tails for all avi sizes so you can dress up with your whole family! I even got my cat in on the fun! All of the pieces are 100% original mesh created by my partner and myself.

Opens March 15th

Coming to the Kid Zone event is a Toasty gacha with some of the pieces also to be given as prizes! The Kid Zone land, after terraforming, ended up looking like a piece of toast, so we ended up nicknaming the land Toast Island. In honor of that, when an event rolls around, this will be my keep an eye on Facebook!

Toast Island LM:

Don't forget about Neverland Event's Once Upon a Time Gacha on March 15th!

Opens March 15th

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Neverland Events: Once Upon a Time Gacha

Coming March 15th to Neverland Events: Once Upon a Time Gacha! Two machines will be set up to handle the two different sizes for both baby and kid size ToddleeDoo avatars.

Next up, we are working on the Kid Zone event coming up in March, March's round of Sidewalk Gacha, and April's Foreign Objects in Space event.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bro I Gatcha, New Spring Releases, and Upcoming Events

Violetility is participating in the store's first event, Bro I Gatcha, starting March 1st. Our two gacha machines will feature Baby + Kid TD graphic tees (both sizes included) and a head pet gacha featuring original, exclusive mesh zombie heads.

There are also some new releases in the store ( We've got three spring outfits plus a "Flower Child" costume/outfit.
Next up on the list is preparing for Neverland's Once Upon a Time themed gacha event and planning/applying for Next Gen's Sidewalk Gacha event.